Chiropractic Care Treats Back Pain After Car Crash

Chiropractic Care Effective for Severe Pain After Auto Injury

Each year, there are millions of auto collisions around the world, and a significant number of people get injured in a auto injury. Even though most crashes are "minor," chronic neck and back pain are still frequent health issues. The good news is that chiropractic treatment is a fantastic way to correct these kinds of injuries.

We've helped many auto accident patients in our Alpharetta office, and Dr. Berklich has been helping people with these types of problems for many years. During a car crash, your body is subjected to powerful forces that it simply wasn't built to deal with. These forces place stress and strain on your neck, shoulder, and back, and can cause injury to the ligaments that hold your spinal column together. A crash can produce a vast array of pain symptoms.

A ligament tear in the neck can result in pain, swelling, and radicular problems in the arm and hand. Chiropractic Therapy works well for these types of problems, because chiropractic focuses on restoring the healthy function and flexibility of the injured tissues.

Dr. Berklich Can Help Patients Recover From Auto Collision

Dr. Berklich, your Alpharetta chiropractor, can help by lowering inflammation in the damaged area and can help decrease the creation of scar tissue that can cause chronic pain and disability.

You don't have to suffer from auto injury pain. Learn more about how we can help you recover or call Dr. Berklich today at (770) 475-2225.

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